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Company Profile Company Profile

WINNERS IMPORT EXPORT CORPORATION is a Philippine Domestic Company fully owned by Filipinos, It is managed by a group of people with skills and long hands-on experience on furniture Manufacturing.

Company History

With a piece of land in Cavite, a small amount of capital, together with a trusted few, Winners Furniture Company (WFC) was born on December of 1993. The first few years were a big struggle; nights were turned to days to ship orders in time. There were no high-tech facilities to depend since the capital is short to compete with other companies’ voluminous production. On March 1997, the company decided to join the CFIP show and unexpectedly bagged the award for Best Product Collection. It was the turning point, which opened bigger chances to sell the product to the International Market. Acquainted foreign buyers gave letters of credit as well as telegraphic transfer to accommodate all their orders.

Our Mission

To promote Philippine-made furniture products as well as providing the best quality at a reasonable price to our valued clients.

Our Vision

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Material Requisitions

When the production manager gives a job order, supervisors gather raw materials needed from the warehouse. The Job Order is the list of items for production, which includes the cutting sheet, labor, cost, and estimated material cost.

Material Preparation

After materials are gathered, it is then prepared for production. Raw are cut according to sizes required for each items.


The framing department assembles the structure of item.


Framing department passes the assembled
materials to the weaving department, which does the semi-completion of items. Weaving includes
lamination, twisting, liston, and binding.


In sanding, items are smoothened by sand paper before it is passed for varnishing.


Varnishing is the application of lacquer thinners, stains, and glaze to polish the items more and to give color in accordance to the buyers’ taste.


Finishing means giving the item the “final touch”. The Quality Control Personnel ensure that items are made at its best before it is shipped.


To protect the items from scratches and dusts, each are packed with corrugated cartoon.


When orders are completed, items are loaded in a container van for shipment.